Sell your property in Spain

If you are considering to sell a property in Spain, there is many aspects to take into account. In this section you can find all the information you need, to be able to make the right decisions about your property. If you have any questions, would like our help or opinion, please do not hesitate in contacting us →

Professional photoshoot

The number one step, when we list you property for sale. Pictures need to bring out the elements of your property, without being unrealistic. Furthermore each photo needs to tell a story – give the full picture, and impress. Normally we take between 10-20 photos, more than enough to wake the interest.


A description that sells. A good and informing description serves several purposes, which all increase the chance of attracting clients. Many property buyers have limited knowledge about the area, the urbanisation and all the hidden gems of your property.  We make sure nothing is left out, and the reader will feel as they are there themselves.

Floor plans

Floor plans are a must in many countries, yet in Spain it is only a small part of properties for sale which offer this. When we list a property, we always create a floor plan of your property. It is an essential for the potential client to understand the layout and possibilities of your property.

Agent network

Distribution to agencies is another key element. Costa del sol harbours close to 1.000 individual agents or agencies – we ensure every single one knows about your property. We are part of several different agency networks, as well as having an extensive email database.

Online adverts

As a part of our general advertisement, your property will be featured on several international property portals, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We will also send your property to our database with more than 9.000 private buyers and investors

Pdf Brochure

Brochure in pdf, for those who want a closer look at your property, or to send to a friend. The brochure can be downloaded from our website and the link for online viewing can be shared. Naturally anyone can print it, and it will look awesome!

3D Virtual tour

Offering interested clients to walk through your property – without being there. Can be very useful especially for special properties, and properties with unusual distribution. This is an optional which we can add to your listing package.

Advert boost

Boosting  is the option to increase your exposure on social media, Google Adwords, featured property portals etc. This can help to create attention about your property and speed up the sales process. This is an optional extra which we can add to your listing package, tailored to your property.

Get the highest price for your property

Selling a property in Spain, can have many different reasons, but only one goal – to maximise the final selling price. Knowledge, the right strategy, and the right actions will achieve this, and we would be proud to be a part of the process. When approaching a new property to include in our portfolio, we always begin with a market and property analysis. We look into what was previously and currently on the market, what was it sold for, and how high is the demand for the area and property type. Next step is a visit to your property, to get a feel and understanding of the property and its advantages. All added together, we are able to propose what would be the best way to sell your property, and at what price.

One contact person

When you list a property with us, you will always deal with the same person, who is responsible for your property. We provide you with immediate feedback, general monthly followups and ensure to handle all enquiries swiftly. As a result, you are guaranteed a sales process without any headaches, problems or stress.

Keys and viewing arrangements

If you live in the property your self, we will alway arrange any viewings with you, with as much time in advance as possible. We will always contact you by phone and mail, or any other way we have agreed on. If you do not live in the property, it is often an advantage to leave a set of keys with us. We will advice you before any viewings, and will be able to arrange viewings without delay. Easy viewings always increase the chance to sell a property. After a viewing of the property for sale, we provide you with immediate feedback.

Listing agreement

– A legal requirement to sell property in Spain

There are typical two different type of listing agreements, an exclusive and non-exclusive. Both serve to stipulate the conditions for the sale of your property, including the payment to the agency. We only use no sale-no pay agreements, and always adjust the conditions to suit your situation.

The non-exclusive agreement is most common, and allows you to have your property for sale with several agencies. As a result, you have more agencies trying to sell your property, as they do not have to share the listing commission with other agencies. At the same time you will also have to manage viewings, keys and communication between several different agencies. Depending on the property, a non-exclusive listing agreement is not always the most efficient way to sell your property. The duration of a non-exclusive listing agreement is not time limited and can be cancelled with 14 days notice.

An exclusive agreement commits you to only use one agency to sell your property. The advantages are many, and often the preferred solution among foreign property owners. We handle all viewings, keys, feedback and viewing preparation etc., and we ensure a professional property presentation. Under an exclusive agreement we collaborate with all other agencies, and ensure to provide them with all information necessary. We also guarantee to show your property any day, any time. As a result, other agencies know is it also easy to arrange a viewing with Avante. The duration of an exclusive listing agreement is normally 3-12 months, and is often structured as no sale – no pay.

Any questions?

    F.A.Q. – Sell property in Spain

    – What our clients ask us the most

    To sell a property in Spain you need documents proving your ownership of the property. This document is the nota simple. Furthermore it is mandatory to have an energy certificate produced to sell a property in Spain. An energy certificate costs between 1-200 €. If you are using an agency to sell your property in Spain you also need to provide valid ID (Passport or identity card), and the latest receipt for Ibi, Basura and community fees.

    The property market on Costa del sol, and in particular Marbella is in movement all year round. There is always buyers, looking to find the right property for sale. However, some periods are more busy than others, so to sell a property in Spain, timing is essential. Beginning the year, January and February is normally the slowest months of the year. People are recovering from christmas and new year, and as a result, not in spending mood. From March until July it is busy, and the buyers have many chances to visit Spain on vacation. End of July, august and September is normally too hot, and the buyers are coming here to relax. From end of September until beginning of December its busy again, and we have many buyers.

    If you are not present in Spain, when your property is being sold, you lawyer can handle it. With an power of attorney, signed by the notary your lawyer can handle the entire sale. With this setup, you can sell your property in Spain without being in the country.

    To sell property in Spain, it is no problem if you are living abroad. You simply need to provide your lawyer with an power of attorney (POA). With this in place, your lawyer can carry out all aspects of selling a property. If you need to find a good lawyer, have a look at the ones we recommend here.

    There are two types of tax to pay, plusvalia and capital gains (CGT). Plusvalia is between 2-4% annually, of the public value of the property. Capital gains is between 19-23% of the profit you have made on selling the property

    The costs to sell a property in Spain are divided into two parts, selling costs and tax. The selling cost is the fee to the agency, and any additional marketing. Most agencies on Costa del Sol charge between 4-6% of the final purchase price. Working with an agency allows you to get a higher price for your property, compared to a private sale. As a result, the expense is covered by the profit. You also need a valid CEE Energy certificate, which cost 1-200 €. There are two types of tax, plusvalia and capital gains (CGT). Plusvalia is between 2-4% annually, of the public value of the property. Capital gains is between 19-23% of the profit you have made on selling the property.

    The average time it takes to sell a property in Spain, depends on many factors. The type of property, location, and price point. A large majority of the market consists of apartments from 150.000-500.000 €. As a result, these properties often sell faster than average. The more expensive, large and special the property is, the longer it can take to sell. Some locations can several times more viewings than average, for example beachfront properties. The final factor is the price, a key element. If the price is too high, the property will not draw any interest. As a result, it can be on the market for years. For a correctly priced property the average selling times are:

    • 100.000-500.000      1-4 months
    • 500.000-2.000.000  2-6 months
    • 2.000.000+                 4-12 months

    To sell a property in Spain privately, it takes some time, effort and knowledge about the market. For some property owners, this is a feasible approach that sometimes will be a good decision. In most cases however, the property will not reach the same sales price as if sold through an agency. Because the property buyers on Costa del Sol comes from all over the world, it can be very difficult to reach them. As a result, fewer people are interested in your property, and the achieved price is lower. We are always happy to give you insight into what value you could expect if selling through us.