Dive among corals, wrecks and caves

The islands of Cape Verde offers a multitude of interesting dive sites. Shifting currents and volcanic activities have created very interesting settings. Around Sal Island there are more than 25 recognised diving sites, and 14 wrecks sits around the islands in Cape Verde. Diving is accessible year round, but the best season lies from April to November. Between colourful volcanic walls, cathedral-like caves and several well-preserved wrecks, Cape Verde delights for divers with a variety interests.

Explore the underwater world

With an average water temperature of 22-28 degrees, crystal clear water and an abundance of fish, snorkeling is very popular. There are several wrecks located around the islands, and a number of caves as well. It is recommended to go on a guided tour to get the best experience. Big manta reys, smaller sharks and sea turtles are possible to encounter when snorkeling the right places.

Visit an active volcano - Fogo

On the island of Fogo (meaning fire) there is an active volcano, which erupted as late as 2014. The landscape is spectacular, and it’s possible to see the remains of buildings which was buried under last eruption. The summit of the volcano reaches almost 3.000m and is the highest point of the Cape Verde Islands.

Explore the landscape on quads

The landscape on the islands is reminiscent of the moon. A mix between volcanic shapes and barren desert landscape with very little life. On the island of Boa Vista there is large sand dunes, exactly as the Sahara. A quad tour takes you through all of this in an entertaining way. It is a spectacular surroundings which are very unusual for most europeans.

Visit the salt lakes

On Isla del Sal, there have been salt mines for many decades. The natural salt is of a very high quality, and is exported throughout the world. It is possible to swim in the salt lakes, which contains enough salt to float in standing up position. It should also be very good for the skin, and have a healing effect…

Kite surfing & Wind surfing

Due to its location in the middle of a constant trade wind and warm waters Cape Verde is a paradise for all surfing, kitesurfing included. Medium sized waves make excellent training ground, and 90% of all days are perfect for kite surfing. The world champion Mitu Monteiro is a Cape Verdian native, and still comes home to train for obvious reasons. Its easy to rent gear, and there are plenty of schools if you don’t master the sport yet.

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