Sismo Building Technology

Sismo Building Technology Spain is the leading industrialised construction company in Europe. An innovative and highly efficient modular building system, which allows to improve the structural quality of any kind of projects. SISMO has been a leader in the implementation of fast, affordable, durable and environmentally sound building technology.Established in Belgium in 1985, SISMO combines more than 30 years of experience in development and application of the SISMO building technology with a dynamic group of partners and co-workers. International cooperation and ongoing research ensure that the SISMO building technology will continue to exceed expectations. Nowadays, it is working in more than 88 countries. The prime domain for the SISMO group of companies is to address the challenges in the modern building industry in a financially stable business environment. We strive to build long term relationships with all our stakeholders in the building industry.One of the biggest advantages of Sismo Building Technology as an industrialized system is its high profitability and consequently, the greater competitiveness it offers to developers and builders, because it reduces up to 50% of the execution times of the work, and therefore construction costs. This translates into an early delivery of the home for the end customer. The Sismo construction system is a cost efficient building method for all parties involved in the building process.

Banus Group

banusgroup-constructor-avanteBanus Group has been working for many years in the construction industry on the Costa del Sol and throughout Spain. Our experts have extensive experience in the construction of buildings of all complexities – single family homes, mansions, urbanisations, multi-storey residential buildings, townhouses, spa centres and hotels.
We offer a bespoke, integral service to our clients and treat a minor refurbishment with the same attention, care and detail as the construction of a large residential complex. Our main activities are; turnkey construction, refurbishment and repairs, creating interior and landscape design solutions, participation in construction investment projects & assistance for obtaining building permits