El Faro

Buy property in El Faro - Guide El Faro is a compact area, close to the coast and in between El Chaparral and Fuengirola. The area has its name after the lighthouse which have helped guide the seafarers for decades. In its early years the area quickly gained popularity as a good middle class villa neighbourhood. As a result, many of the properties for sale in El Faro are family villas. The area is almost exclusively residential, with only a few small shops. However, amenities and shopping are plentiful in the nearby city of Fuengirola. El Faro have a changing landscape, with steep hills and great views. The majority of the residents in the area live there on a permanent basis, profiting from the great location. It is a great area to live in, with many activities and places to go in the surrounding areas. Just a few kilometres towards the mountains, we find the outdoor sports center Hipodromo Costa del Sol. One of the few horse riding ovals on the whole coast, it is a popular and well known place. Furthermore is it home to a large gocart track, football pitch and many equestrian activities. Towards the beach there are several small restaurants and cafes, and great beaches towards La Cala de Mijas. If you are eager to go for a round of golf, Chapparral Club de Golf is just a few minutes away. Shopping is well covered in Centro Commercial Miramar, a very large indoor shopping centre. Furthermore there is Parque Commercial Miramar which has several large shops with sport articles, furniture and a large English supermarket. Buy villa in El Faro - Guide The villas for sale in El Faro are typically smaller family villas, designed practicality in mind. As a result, there are often small but many rooms and not the modern open layouts that is popular today. The architecture is classic Spanish, and many villas for sale benefits from great views to the coast. The prices for the villas for sale in El Faro depends equally on size, plot, location and views. Therefore it is easy to compare the individual villas for sale in the area. Prices begin as low as 200.000 € and continues towards 700.000 €, with a few villas for sale up to 1.000.000 €. The price for the typical villa for sale in El Faro is around 3-500.000 €. Buy apartment in El Faro - Guide The apartments for sale in El Faro are very popular, and often provide good value for the money. Sizes are very different and ranges from small holiday homes, to large open apartments for sale. As a consequence not all of them are easy comparable as many aspects plays a part. Being in high demand, an apartment in this area is considered a reasonable investment, especially if bought slightly below market price. Especially the cheaper apartments for sale are attractive. Prices begin around 170.000 €, and continues towards 600.000 €. The average apartment for sale in El Faro costs around 250-350.000 €. Buy townhouse in El Faro - Guide There is a limited amount of townhouses for sale in El Faro, all very different. Prices are on level with the apartments for sale, but the townhouse will often have less views. A townhouse for sale in El Faro should be bought with the heart, as it can take a long time to sell. Prices range from 200.000 - 450.000 €.