El Chaparral

Buy property in El Chaparral - Guide El Chaparral is a nature rich area in between La Cala de Mijas and El Faro. Nestled between a small forest and the picturesque golf course of El Chaparral Golf, the area has a broad appeal. Aside from on the coast, El Chaparral is exclusively a residential area with properties for sale. Due to the many trees and elevation changes, the road noise is almost zero. Shops, supermarkets and restaurants are available in the nearby La Cala de Mijas. For beach lovers, there are several great beaches along the coast of El Chaparral and La Cala. The area slowly developed throughout the 80's and 90's, and have recently seen the arrival of several new apartment complexes. As a result, there is a big difference in the properties available in the area. Newer apartments in modern materials and high quality, often match the price of the villas for sale. Buying an older property in the area should be done with the heart, as there is no guarantee it will be a profitable invest. Buying an apartment is trouble free, and long as the prices is realistic. Keep in mind that La Cala de Mijas offers a great variety of new apartments for sale. Buy apartment in El Chaparral - Guide There are a few apartment complexes in the area, including a brand new large development. The older apartments for sale is of medium to high quality, with many facilities. Qualities in the new developments is high, and the apartments for sale are very energy efficient. Pool, underground parking and extensive community areas are the standard. Prices begin around 200.000 € for an older apartment for sale, and tops around 650.000 €. Similarly, the price for a new off-plan apartments begins around 300.000, and continues towards 600.000 €. Finally, the average apartment for sale costs around 350-400.000 €. Buy villa in El Chaparral - Guide There is a limited number of villas for sale in El Chaparral, due to the physical limitations of the area. There are both older traditional villas and newer modern villas for sale. The average plot size is around 1.000 m², and the house built vary greatly in size. Most villas for sale have sea views, some even open panoramic views. As a result, the price for a villa for sale in El Chaparral depends largely on views, size and distance to A-7. Prices begins around 400.000 €, and continues towards 2.000.000 €. The average price for a villa for sale in El Chaparral is around 800-1.000.000 €. Buy townhouse in El Chaparral - Guide There is only one complex with townhouses for sale in El Chaparral, and as a result it is easy to compare what is on the market. Price are relative to the apartments for sale, and begin around 200.000 € for a 2 bedroom townhouses. The 3 bedroom ones are slightly more expensive, around 250.000 €. Finally, the complex offers a pool and charming communal areas for its owners.