Mijas Costa

Buy property in Mijas Costa - Guide

Mijas Costa means the coast of Mijas, and is simply a way to define the coastal area of the municipality. Properties for sale in Mijas Costa can for example be in the neighbourhood of Calahonda, but also in Mijas Costa. The area was among the first areas to be developed in the late 60's. As a result the Andalucian style is a result in many properties for sale. Mijas costa has many very good beaches, for example Las Chapas, La Cala and Cabopino. In contrast there is also a lot of rocky coastline with no space for a trip to the beach. The small individual areas are all independent and with all amenities close by. Consequently it is very popular to buy a property in Mijas Costa. The area has a large permanent population, and in the summer months it is a very popular destination. Especially Europeans favour this destination - many also come to find properties for sale.

Buy villa in Mijas Costa - Guide

Looking for villas for sale in Mijas Costa, you will find many different options at different price levels. There are villas for sale in each of the individual areas such as La Cala, Calahonda, and Las Chapas. There are also villas for sale which are located on the beachside of the highway. Villas for sale on the mountain side of the highway naturally has a lower price. In general you get a lot of villa for your money, and its often possible to find bargain villas for sale, in the need of renovation. Small villas for sale start as low as 250.000 €, with 4-500.000 € being the average price for a 4-5 bedroom villa. The most expensive villa in Mijas Costa costs around 2.000.000 €.

Buy apartment in Mijas Costa - Guide

Mijas Costa contains many residential areas, with the majority of them being with apartments for sale in all price ranges. Price depends on the area, and the views, but in general most of the apartments are priced average. Many apartments is of older date. In contrast, many new apartment developments have been built in La Cala over the last 5 years. As a result it is one of the best areas to find a new modern apartment for sale. Prices begin around 200.000 €, and tops around 500.000 €, with the average 3 bedroom apartment for sale being around 350.000 €.

Buy townhouse in Mijas Costa - Guide

For many property buyers a townhouse is a good compromise between a villa and an apartment, and in Mijas Costa there are many townhouses for sale to choose from. The price for a townhouses for sale will often be a bit higher than apartments. The cheapest townhouses for sale begin around 200.000 €, and the most expensive around 400.000 € - with a few ones as high as 6-700.000 €