La Mairena

Buy property in La Mairena - Guide

La Mairena is a small mountainside area located in the mountains behind Elviria, in Marbella East. The surroundings are spectacular, and one of the main reasons its attractive to buy a property in La Mairena. Most of this idyllic area is on a steep hillside, bringing a lot of variation into the scenery. Furthermore it allows most properties for sale to have fantastic panoramic  mountains and sea views. La Mairena offers a few romantic restaurants and bars. Aside from this, most other amenities are at the foot of the mountain in Elviria. Residents of La Mairena can benefit form the large private school, the International German School of Malaga. There are several apartments complexes which offers medium and luxury level apartments for sale. Furthermore a great number of villas - many spectacular and special. Permanent residents takes up around 50% of the properties in La Mairena. The remaining part is mostly used for holiday rentals or semi permanent living. If you consider to purchase a property in La Mairena you should do it with your heart. As an investment, you risk having to keep the property in your portfolio for a long time. The price for apartments are on a similar level of the ones closer to the coast. However, properties closer to the coast does not have similar fantastic views. Prices for villas are in general below average for the area, mainly because there is still many plots for sale at very reasonable prices.

Buy apartment in La Mairena - Guide

Buying an apartment in La Mairena will definitely get you many advantages most areas don't give you. Incredible views, tranquility and the feeling of an idyllic village, despite being only 10 minutes away from the buzz of Elvira and Marbella. Prices for the apartments for sale begins around 200.000 € for a large 2 bedroom apartment. A generous sized terrace is the norm, and prices continues towards 400.000€. Only a handful apartments are for sale with bigger price tags. The average price for an apartment for sale is around 300.000€. This will easily get you a 150 m², 3 bedroom apartment. Finally, most apartments for sale have been built during the last 2 decades and in general qualities are very good.

Buy villa in La Mairena - Guide

The villas for sale in La Mairena is often a product of a property owners dream being realised, and as a result is often built in an individual style. Almost all villas for sale in La Mairena have fantastic views and plenty of privacy, making it an attractive option for those who prefer that over a busy city location. If you consider to buy a villa in La Mairena you will get a lot for your money, and prices for similar villa for sale closer to the beach are often double as expensive. Plot size are mostly between 1-2.000 m², and the house from 300-1.000m². The price for villas for sale in La Mairena begins around 600.000€, and continues towards 2.000.000 €, with the average villa costing around 1.2-1.500.000€. It is a sound investment to buy a villa in La Mairena, as long as its not necessary to sell quick.