El Rosario

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El Rosario is a characterful mountainside area between Marbella Golf & Country Club, Las Chapas and Elviria. Mostly populated with large villas, the area benefits from very private plots, great views and a central location. The area began as an exclusive urbanisation in the late 70's and has since grown into a well developed villa neighbourhood. Located on a small mountain, the access roads are steep and curvy, and gives a very special feeling. El Rosario is home to a small commercial centre, and the Royal Tennis Club of Marbella. There is a few cafe's and restaurants, such as Mama's Bakery and Restaurante Don Quijote as well as a large supermarket. The price for properties for sale in El Rosario are similar or a bit lower compared to the surrounding areas. A part of the reason is the necessity for a car, which makes a difference for some property buyers. The properties in the area have been constructed during the last three decades, and build quality is medium to high. Properties for sale in El Rosario holds the price well, however the time to sell be be higher than average. Access to A-7 is easy, with an exit and bridge at the foot of the hill. As a result, access to the beach and its amenities is also easy.

Buy apartment in El Rosario

Apartments for sale in El Rosario comes in several different categories and qualities. There are a few economic urbanisations where focus is value for money, rather than luxury. However, majority of the apartment complexes are medium to high quality. As a consequence of being in a densely populated area, the size of the apartments for sale is average, and focus is often on views and quality. Prices for an apartment for sale begins around 200.000 € for a 2 bedroom apartment, and continues towards 500.000 €. The majority of the apartments for sale cost around 300-350.000 €.

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Villas for sale in El Rosario takes up around 75% of all properties in the area. As such, the variety in design, style and size is great, and benefits anyone looking to buy a villa. The average plot size in the area is around 1.000 m², and the villa around 3-500 m². Naturally there are a few exceptions with smaller villa for sale, and well as a handful very large villas for sale. Prices being at 450.000 €, and continues towards 2.000.000 €. The typical villa for sale in El Rosario cost around 1.000.000 € and as a result is a very popular product.

Buy townhouse in El Rosario

The amount of townhouses for sale in El Rosario is not very high, and those on the market are in high demand. The extra space and garden is appealing for the many families living permanent in the area. Prices for a townhouse for sale is around 3-400.000 € and will be with either 3 or 4 bedrooms. A good investment, and normally not difficult to sell.