Restaurants in Benahavis Eating and modest drinking are important social happenings in Spain. Everyone will find a very enjoyable atmosphere in the restaurants in Benahavis. Benahavis is called the dining room of the Costa del Sol, and for a good reason. The village centre is literally full of them. Most serve typically Spanish cuisine, although you will also find Italian food and French cuisine. Many of the ingredients used in the restaurants are locally grown. As you drive around the town you will see signs that describe it as the gastronomic corner of Andalucia. The city centre is dominated by apartments for sale, most villas for sale in Benahavis are located outside the centre. All restaurants offers very good value for money, and really large portions. If you consider to buy this , you should visit some of our favourite places to dine. معرض الكوزكوز لطالما كان لفن الطهو دور رائد. الأطباق التي نقدمها هي بالأساس مطبخ أندلسي / متوسطي ، مع تأثير كبير من نكهات وتوابل المغرب ، وتعتمد على المنتجات الموسمية والفواكه والخضروات الطازجة من بساتيننا والأسماك واللحوم من المنطقة والوصفات الحلوة محلية الصنع ، المربيات والمعجنات والخبز. في مطبخنا ، نحن دائمًا على استعداد لتجربة أشياء جديدة وإعداد الأطباق حسب ذوق وطلب ضيوفنا. نحن نقدم قائمة طعام كلاسيكية مع نكهات مميزة ، وعرض صادق وقائمة تذوق مع لمسات من الإبداع الأندلسي. الهدف هو أن يفهم كل شخص يأتي لزيارتنا ثقافتنا بشكل أفضل قليلاً. هذه هي قيم المطعم وشيفه فرناندو فيلاسكلاراس أرس. عمل في العديد من أفضل المطاعم في العالم مثل موغاريتز (إقليم الباسك). عشاء (لندن) ومؤخراً في عام 1870 في ماربيا ، لا بولا في إستيبونا وفندق بوينتي رومانو. مطعم امانهافيس is a rustic, yet elegant Restaurant, specialising in serving Creative Andalusian Cuisine. Daily, the Chef goes to the surrounding markets finding what is fresh and in season to create six daily changing menus. Hence guests can choose from six starters, eight main courses and four desserts. The atmosphere is similar to a very cozy living room, in your own home. Not too far from this , don't miss out on a truly wonderful cuisine and evening. Do try a drink on the top terrace before you sit down and have dinner, as there are magnificent views overlooking Benahavis Village. إل كورديرو is a unique food experience, in a relaxed and pleasant environment. One of the most important improvements made by the new owners was to build an exact replica of an authentic burning oven. The exact shape, construction and materials used are crucial to creating this very special oven in order to obtain the possible level of cooking and flavours. No, not just another pizza oven, although you get a perfect pizza as they do the Naples, this oven requires the skill of a master chef to get the best out of anything cooked in it. The flavour is quite unique. There is a substantial menu and everything, except perhaps the salads and the pastas, is cooked in the oven. Steaks, Chicken, Lambs, Piglet and yes Fish. As a matter of fact the fish is exceptionally good. A golfers paradise The municipality of Benahavis is a mecca for golf lovers. A diverse landscape with valleys, mountains and forests provide outstanding surroundings and beautiful backdrops. Many of the courses in Benahavis are high on the international ranking, renown for complex design and luxurious facilities. If you are an avid golfer, this , is a great option! To the East of Benahavis there is the very exclusive 18 holes golf course of نادي ماربيا للجولف، صممه ديف توماس. يتمتع ضيوف Marbella Club Hotel & Puente Romano Beach Resort Marbella بامتياز الاستمتاع بالمزايا الحصرية لرسوم اللعب المجانية. بصرف النظر عن ملعب الجولف ، يوفر نادي ماربيا أيضًا مرافق ركوب الخيل والإسطبلات وعددًا من الفيلات الحصرية للبيع. إلى الشمال ، يقدم التحضر الخاص في La Zagaleta دورتين خاصتين ، لا يمكن الوصول إليها إلا لسكان La Zagaleta. كونها واحدة من أغلى المجتمعات الخاصة في أوروبا ، فإن سعر a فيلا للبيع في Zagaleta يبدأ من حوالي 3.000.000 يورو. في اتجاه الجنوب ، تتوفر العديد من نوادي الجولف ،  جولف الهيجويرال, لوس اركيروس جولف و لا كوينتا للجولف. الهيجيرال هو عبارة عن ملعب منتجع خلاب مكون من 9 حفر ، على 36 قدمًا ويقع على المنحدرات اللطيفة لسفوح التلال في بيناهافيس. تبدأ أسعار Greenfee من 35 يورو. نادي لاكوينتا الريفي والجولف is located in the Golf Valley of Marbella, in an area of exceptional beauty between the sea and the mountains. It has an exclusive club, a 27-hole course, a restaurant and a shop. Designed by the three-time World Champion and Ryder Cup champion Manuel Piñero, La Quinta Golf is suitable for all levels of play, and offers 27 holes divided into 3 courses of nine holes each. The "San Pedro" course features 9 holes and 2,690 yards. This course features a large open areas with wide fairways which invites to use fairway woods and long irons. The “Ronda” course features 9 holes and 2,673 yards. It’s a fabulous course with narrow fairways and technical greens. Guadaiza course features 9 holes and 3,167 yards. This is the most technical course, ideal for the advanced players, who will have to use a wide range of shots. Greenfee prices begins at € 85. Los Arqueros Golf and Country Club is a magnificent 18 hole, par 71 course designed in 1991 by the dynamic Majors Champion – Seve Ballesteros. The golf course, although only 5,700 metres, was designed to challenge the experienced golfer and to test the resolve of those golfers fairly new to the game. The course follows the contours of the terrain and blends harmoniously with the natural surroundings on Costa del Sol. This provides its own challenge with many water features and some tight narrow fairways to negotiate, but, if you forego distance for accuracy, you will be rewarded with plenty of birdie opportunities. Greenfee prices begins at € 54. Activities in Benahavis Benahavis is a preferred area by many property buyers due to the beautiful surroundings and central location. It's the ideal area to retreat and relax, as much of the activities, parties, restaurants etc are located in Marbella or Estepona, closer to the coast. However, don't feel you are missing out if you buy this , the municipality has a lot to offer! We have described some of our favourites places, and as you settle in you will discover many more hidden gems. كاستيلو دي مونتيمايور بني في القرن العاشر وجزء من أسواره في حالة جيدة. مجمع محصن في Torre de la Reina ، تم الحفاظ على الجزء الأكثر روعة بسبب وجود بقايا لما كان عبارة عن غرف وبئر. لعبت هذه القلعة دورًا مهمًا في المعارك المستمرة بين مختلف البارونات الأندلس لقيمتها الإستراتيجية ، والتي يمكن رؤيتها أكثر من 100 كم. من الساحل الأسباني وإفريقيا كلها. في جميع أنحاء أراضي بيناهاف يوجد العديد من أبراج المراقبة التي تشكل حاجزًا دفاعيًا. على سبيل المثال حيث توجد Leonera أو Alcuzcuz أو Tramores أو Daidín. باركي توري دي لا ليونورا هي حديقة جميلة في وادي Guadalmina ، وهي واحدة من التحصينات الأولى التي كانت بمثابة مفتاح الوصول إلى حوض Guadalmina. مكان ساحر لا يصدق ، نباتات هادئة ، مورقة وزهور لا نهاية لها. الحديقة المثالية للتنزه مع الأطفال ، أو لقضاء إجازة رومانسية أو ببساطة الخروج من صخب الحياة اليومية. بوينتي دي لاس أنجوستوراس Surprising gorges, spectacular pools and crystal clear waters are some of the claims to tour the Guadalmina River. Through its well-known Angosturas, a place that is perhaps easier to imagine in exotic latitudes but which, however, we have here, in Benahavís. Leaving from this town the first intention could be directed to the Charco de las Mozas, very popular among bathers. A wooden bridge with a blown structure crosses the river to the opposite side of the road. At the end of the bridge, on the hillside, we pass the great ditch of Guadalmina. More than a century of life, which is part of the rich Andalusian hydraulic heritage. This bridge joins a recently created path with the Mirador de las Tres Pérgolas. Ideal place to visit if you are considering buying a . كورتيجو دي كورتيس يقدم عرضاً مذهلاً بالخيول وفلامنكو إسبانية تقليدية. مكان رائع لتجربة متعمقة للثقافة الإسبانية ، ومناسب تمامًا لجميع الأعمار. عقارات للبيع في Benahavis Benahavis هي بلدية كبيرة تلتقي مع Estepona و Marbella و Ojen. إنه مكان ذو مناظر طبيعية جميلة مع جبال ووديان وعقارات حصرية للبيع. عند البحث عن فلل للبيع في بيناهافيس ، تجدر الإشارة إلى المناطق المختلفة ؛ لا Zagaleta و إل مادرونال كلاهما قرى جبلية حصرية مع مناظر بانورامية رائعة. قرية Benahavis هي مدينة قديمة ساحرة وشعبية للغاية مع شوارع صغيرة. أبعد نحو الساحل لدينا لا كينتا و لوس فلامينجوس which also are set on spectacular settings. The village offers a school, fantastic restaurants, a luxury spa and a  sports centre. Schools There are several schools located around Benahavis, both private and public schools. In general the public schools are teaching to a high standard, but each school can be very different. Some public schools are bilingual, meaning the education will be given in both Spanish and English. The bilingual schools are naturally preferred by many expats. In public schools kids are not obliged to wear a school uniform. The are many private schools as a result of the large expat communities living in Benahavis. The base language in the private schools are either Spanish or English, with the exception of the German private school in La Mairena, Marbella. Schooldays normally begin at 9 or 9.30 and continues until 16 or 17 - a full day. Food is paid through direct contribution, or included in the monthly fee on some private schools. Growing up, and going to school in Benahavis will provide your children with a unique network. Purchasing this will enable you to have many schools to choose from. Multiple nationalities, cultures, customs etc is something which will benefit your children for years to come. Apartments for sale in Benahavis There are many different types of apartments for sale in Benahavis. In the city centre (pueblo) you will mostly find classic apartments for sale, or older townhouses. Often these apartments are built in typical Spanish style, with smaller rooms and protected from the sun. Over the last few years, more and more renovated apartments are coming on the the market. In rest of Benahavis there is a wide variation of apartments for sale, with prices ranging from 175.000 up towards 1.000.000. The typical apartment for sale costs around 3-400.000 € but will often offer panoramic views and a lot of space. In the area of Los Almendros the price starts at 200.000 € for a 2 bedroom apartment, with the most expensive apartments for sale around 800.000 €. In Los Flamingos most apartments are luxury apartments and prices begin around 350.000 for a 2 bedroom, and continues up to 800.000 €. Apartments for sale in La Quinta is in a similar price range, with the average apartment for sale being around 400.000 €. History Benahavís is a Spanish mountain village between Marbella, Estepona, and Ronda, 7 kilometers from the coast. Benahavís is one of the most mountainous villages on the western Costa del Sol. Near the beaches as well as the spectacular mountains of the Serrania de Ronda. Its terrain is traversed by the Guadalmina, Guadaiza and Guadalmansa Rivers. Places of great natural and historic interest are to be found within its boundaries. Good examples are  El Cerro del Duque, Daidin and the Montemayor Castle. The stunning surroundings is one of the main reasons the villas for sale in Benahavis are so popular. In the 11th century, the fortress and the territory it controlled were caught up in the struggle between the governing Malaga dynasty, the Edrisitas and the Hammudies, lords of Algeciras. In 1273, the king of Granada, Mohamed, seeing his throne to be in jeopardy, requested help from the Benimerines. As they advanced across the peninsula, occupied Marbella, Montemayor Castle and Malaga. The village was conquered by the Catholic Monarchs in 1485, after the fall of Marbella. Along with Benahavis, it was ceded to Don Juan de Silva, Count of Cifuentes in 1492. It was given in return for his support in the capture of Granada. In 1572, King Philip II awarded Benahavis its own municipal charter, thus granting the village independence from Marbella. During the late 1990s, Junta de Andalucia constructed a dam on the site of an old marble quarry. As a result, for much of the year the once ever-flowing Río Guadalmina is a dried-up riverbed. Villas for sale in Benahavis The price of the villas for sale in Benahavis very much depend on the specific area. لا Zagaleta being the most expensive villa neighbourhood in Europe, with villas for sale from € 3-30.000.000. إل مادرونال is located opposite to La Zagaleta, and to buy a villa here it will cost from 1.500.000 up towards € 10.000.000. The villas for sale in لوس فلامينجوس prices start around € 1.000.000, and the most expensive villas for sale are priced at € 7.000.000. The price range for a villa for sale in Benahavis is very dependant if its located within an exclusive community or not, and the views and privacy. In La Quinta, the spread is very high among villas which are located almost next to each other. Villas for sale in La Quinta costs from € 600.000 up towards € 8.000.000. When looking for a villa for sale it's important to clarify which elements are the highest priority. Benahavis is one of the most wealthy communities in Spain, partly due to the many exclusive areas. The annual property tax follows the average for the region, and the public services reaches a high standard. When looking for a villa for sale in Benahavis, you will notice the annual taxes are low. Most noticeably the basura tax is only 18€ per year! Buying costs of properties for sale in Benahavis Purchasing an apartment or villa for sale in Benahavis is the beginning of a great adventure, full of excitement. The first step you need to decide on, is your budget. When buying a property in Benahavis, the buying costs are roughly 13-14%. The buying costs are especially important, if you are financing your purchase. The Spanish banks will finance up to maximum 80%, of the property price, excluding expenses. If you need more advice on financing, we work with several banks and finance brokers, and are happy to help. 1,2 % (approx) Notary & Property Registry fees – both fees are fixed depending on the price and size of the property or plot for sale in Benahavis 1,5% Stamp duty on properties for sale Benahavis for new construction only – Paid to government and non-negotiable 1% Lawyer fees – The common fee for a lawyer, and rarely negotiable Transfer tax is paid for all properties for sale in Benahavis, and there are two types - Transfer tax (ITP) or IVA. ITP is applied to any existing property or plot, and IVA is applied on new properties, and off-plan projects or properties Transfer Tax (ITP) 0-400.000 = 8% 400.000 – 700.000 = 9% 700.000 -> = 10% 10% VAT (IVA) on a brand new property purchased from a developer (villas, town houses, apartments, plots, commercial premises & garages sold with the property) Properties acquired by a company with the purpose of selling within 5 years, only pays 2% ITP Plots & commercial premises are liable to pay 21% VAT (IVA) when the transaction is made between two companies. Deposit & Reservation agreement Paying a deposit is the first step to buying a villa for sale in Benahavis, and to remove it off the market. Deposit amount is min 6.000 € and can be up to 10% of the property value, when buying a property for sale in Benahavis. It should be paid either to the developer, your agency, agency of the buyer, or your lawyer. A reservation agreement always follows with the deposit, and will stipulate the conditions. The deposit to reserve a property is normally non-refundable. Exceptions can be made for example if a mortgage needs approval or if there are unresolved legal questions.