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Cape Verde investment

Cape Verde is a group of islands located around 700km off the coast of Africa, and 1.500km below the Canary Islands. It is on the same Latitude as the Caribbean, and shares many of the same traits. An eternal summer, white sandy beaches and warm water is why Cape Verde also have the nickname “The European Caribbean”. The country consists of 10 larger islands, where 9 of them are inhabited by the population of roughly 450.000 people. Cape Verde is an independent democratic republic since 1975, with a high degree of political and social stability. The islands offers very different landscapes and scenery, from active volcanos to tropical forests. Most famous however, is the white sandy unspoiled beaches, the friendly people and the year round perfect weather.

Safe investment with high returns

– Up to 7% guaranteed

Cape Verde is one of our most most popular destinations for hotel investment. It’s no surprise, as the advantages, capital gains and returns are unique. As an upcoming hotspot for Europeans, the islands of Cape Verde are in constant development. Over the last 10 years the number of visitors have only gone one way – UP! In both 2016 and 2017 the number of visitors increased by 13%, resulting in record breaking 716.000 visitors. For the same reason, the biggest international Hotels are rapidly establishing themselves in Cape Verde. Hilton International, Melia Hotels, Radisson Blu, and Iberostar are just some of the options available. Investing in a hotel suite, in a luxury resort, bears many advantages over the typical property investment.

All-inclusive luxury resorts

– Managed by the best international brands

We offer investment properties in luxury resorts in Cape Verde – all with 4 or 5 stars. The resorts are on an all-inclusive basis, to provide the best experience for the guest. The luxury resorts on Cape Verde represent different philosophies, from small boutique style resorts, to very large resorts. This ensures a lot of activities, social life and friendships for those enjoying a social vacation. Naturally, there is more than enough space for those seeking a quiet vacation as well. Some of the luxury resorts are adult only, with entertainment and activities aimed at adults exclusively. Others are family orientated, with plenty of kids entertainment. What all resorts share is a high degree of luxury, and beachfront locations.

Hassle free & no concerns

The resorts are fully managed to a high standard, in order to follow the hotels brand reputation. Typical management contracts are 10-20 years, reaching far ahead. You will have zero concern about condition, interior, renting, problems or unforeseen expenses. Long term contracts (10+ years) are also in place with some of the worlds largest tour operators. They guarantee to occupy between 75-85% of available rooms for the next decade!

Guaranteed return and high capital gains

As a result of the long term contracts with both international hotels and it is possible for us to offer very favorable conditions. Depending on the property you choose, we can guarantee up to 7% in annual return the first three years. The return is based directly on the purchase price of the property. Most properties average around 5-6%, and some have even returned 11,3%! In addition to the high annual return, you will also benefit from a steady increase in property value. Over the last 8 years, the annual property value increase have been between 6-8%. This is also what you can expect from your own property investment.

Cape verde is full of advantages

– Why these islands are the perfect destination for investment

Extensive personal usage

As an owner of a hotel suite in Cape Verde, you are entitled to 5 weeks of personal usage each year. Without special conditions, not in certain periods only – any time you want. You are not even limited to the resort where you own a suite, but can select between the resorts in the same group. It is also possible to upgrade to a larger suite, up to 10 people at the time, simply by adjusting the amount of available weeks. There are no costs connected to this, and the only factor playing a role is the availability at the resort. Book in good time, and plan your dream holiday with ease.

Taxfree returns

Cape Verde relies heavily on tourism and foreign investors. As a result, the government have established rental income from property investment is taxfree. As long as you keep the annual return in Cape Verde, you will pay 0% in tax. The law is the same regardless if the property is owned privately, or through a company. Many investors choose to have the return deposited into an Cape Verdian bank account. The account can be linked to both Euro or Dollars, and associated with an Visa/Mastercard. The investment returns will be deposited in any bank of your choice, anywhere in the world.

A paradise for kitesurfing, windsurfing & water sports

Cape Verde offers crystal clear waters, incredible beaches, and big waves. A dry steady wind is blowing from North-East – the Passat wind. This allows part of the island to have no waves and quiet waters, and other parts big waves and strong winds. One of the world champions in kite surfing, Mitu Monteiro is Cape Verdian, and learned his skills on these islands. Aside from the surfing, snorkling is very popular as well as diving. The water is between 22-25 degrees, depending on the ocean currents. There is no danger of sharks, jellyfish or any other animals to watch out for.

No stress mantra

If you need to unwind and relax, Cape Verde is perfect. Across the islands, No Stress is visible in all places. The inhabitants lives after this motto, and cherish the day. The local people are relaxed and answers most questions with a smile, and a thump up. The relaxed atmosphere is a pleasant change for anyone coming from a busy and stressed environment. Our investment properties in luxury resorts compliments this perfectly.

Inspection trip to Cape Verde

– Experience the islands and resorts yourself!

Pictures tell 1000 words – but a real experience give you memories for life. Cape Verde is much much more than just the postcard photos, and statistics. To really understand and enjoy the beauty of these islands, it is necessary to visit them in person. A visit also givers you the opportunity to study the successful resorts first hand. To meet the friendly staff, see high qualities, and get a tour of the ongoing constructions. And perhaps, to pick out the perfect investment property that match your dreams. For this purpose, we can offer you an inspection trip. The trip will be tailor made for you and a guest, and will normally cover 3-4 days. During the trip you will get an introduction to the islands, a private tour, construction update and time to relax. The cost is heavily reduced, and will be deducted if you choose to purchase an investment property on Cape Verde!

F.A.Q. – Cape verde hotel investment

– What our clients ask us the most about Cape Verde

The annual return for investment properties in Cape Verde is very high, up towards 10%. The return depends on the occupation of the resort, and your apartment in particular. On average, expect around 7-8% per year in taxfree returns. Depending on the property you choose, we can guarantee the return in up to 5 years! On top of the annual return, you will also benefit from a capital gain on the property value. Expect 5-8% capital gain each year.

According to the law in Cape Verde, rental income for non residents is tax free. If you choose to receive the annual return on an account in Cape Verde, you will not pay any tax. If you prefer to receive the income in your country residence, it will follow your local laws. If you own an investment property in Cape Verde, you have to pay an annual property tax. Depending on the property, the tax will be in the area of 400-600€ per year. No other taxes apply.

The weather in Cape Verde is warm, dry, and with a light breeze – all year round. It almost only rains in September, and the islands does not experience any storms, hurricanes or similar.

As an owner on an investment property in Cape Verde, you have 5 weeks of usage per year. You are free to choose between staying in your own apartment, or in a similar suite. You can also choose to stay in one of the sister resorts, on both Sal and Boa Vista Island. If you need a larger apartment, you can simply use more weeks at the same time! For example 1 week in a private villa for 6 people, equals 3 weeks in a suite for 2 people. Only limitation is the general availability, so book in good time.

Cape Verde is located in the Macaronesian zone, which includes the canary islands, Madeira, and The Azores. Around 56% of the population are of African descent, and more than 43% are of Portuguese or Spanish descent. It is a democratic republic, with almost (89%) the entire population following Christian religion. As such, its a country with strong roots in Europe, with influences from Africa.

Cape Verde is getting increasingly popular, and the number of visitors is increasing year by year. The perfect weather, the direct flights and the tropical conditions is like a magnet. The last couple of years there have been a 14% increase in tourists, and no signs of it slowing down. Several luxury resorts are under construction and more and more tour operators include Cape Verde in their destinations. This is one of the reasons an investment property in Cape Verde is very attractive.

A  property investment in a luxury resort on Cape Verde is very safe. The resorts are being managed on multi-year contracts, often 10-20 years at the time. During this period, you are assured your property is in perfect condition. The annual return is also tied up to multi-year contracts with international travel agencies. This means they guarantee to buy a large percentage of the available rooms many years to come. The country and its economy is stable, and the popularity is increasing year by year.

When you buy an investment suite in Cape Verde, you buy the individual property which you own. It is therefore possible to sell the property at any time. Five years after the purchase, the developer can help you sell the property by including it in their portfolio. The developer will then attempt to sell your property within 90 days. Before the five year mark, it is easier to find a buyer through property portals.

Almost all year round ! The only month we advise to avoid, is September, where it normally rains quite often. The remaining year the weather is stable and between 23-27 C° on average. The water is between 22-25 C° all year round.